Moving Day

We’ve been busy since we brought our RV home in March! Spring was late to arrive this year and we saw freezing temperatures well into April. We finally caught a break and had nice weather for our “official” RV move-in day on April 28th!


Moving day!


We’ve spent every night in the RV since then (except for a few nights when we were in Joplin) and we’re figuring out where things should go, what items we’d like to have- mostly storage and space-saving gadgets- and figured out a few things we don’t need. We’ve made a few modifications in Katelyn’s room, it’s coming along nicely and she loves it!


Katelyn playing in her room



Upper bunk removed, new curtains added

It’s exciting to look back to where we were a year ago, just beginning to realize we should pursue our travel dreams and starting a new blog, and now we’ve moved into our RV and the blog is a year old.  We’ve learned a lot in the past year!

Mother’s Day weekend we visited our families in Joplin and took Bob’s Jeep Grand Wagoneer back to him!


Bob’s Grand Wagoneer is back home in Joplin


We also used that trip to transport a few boxes of things my mom is keeping for us at her house, mostly old photo albums, a few special books and some of Katelyn’s baby things we want to keep. I also took all the pictures off the walls in our house and it is shocking how much less it feels like “home” now with the walls bare! We’re still struggling to decide how to proceed with getting rid of stuff. We have a lot of furniture, small appliances, books, household items and odds and ends that need to be sold. We’ve tossed around the idea of hiring someone to do an estate auction or estate sale, vs. organizing our own moving sale and selling things on swap shop. Originally our goal was to get the house on the market in May, but we revised it to June and I really don’t want to push it back any further!

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