Farewell, 2017

2017, what a year it’s been! I can honestly say we’ve been blessed with a good year. I hope 2018 will be good to us too. I started my new job in January and it was a lateral move but it’s been far less stress than my previous jobs so I think it was a good move. Bryan Reid got his work- from- home job in May! We hatched our crazy plan to start traveling in 2018! Looking forward to making that dream come true next year and Bryan’s new job is what makes it a possibility for us, we always talked about it but never really imagined it would be possible anytime soon or before we retire. I started this blog, I need to write more next year! I got into photography and looking forward to learning more and honing my skills next year. The bad part of the year was making the decision to let my lovely old horse go in May. She struggled through the winter and I couldn’t see putting her through the heat and bugs during the summer. She was 32 and her health and quality of life was declining rapidly. It was the worst decision on I’ve had to make in a long time. I’m thankful she lived a good long life! I’m thankful that was the hardest part of this year for me and the rest was pretty good. I loved our vacation in July and enjoyed taking my Jeep out on some (mild) mountain trails in southwest Colorado. I had good times with extended family and friends and good times with Bryan and Katelyn and that’s all I really want in life! Traveling would be great too.

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