The holding pattern

Hello!  This blog update is overdue.  Nothing much new going on, we have endless purging and cleaning we need to do.  I’m not making a lot of progress.  I hate to throw things away but it’s difficult trying to meet people to piecemeal things for very little money.  We aren’t ready for a garage sale yet and then I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle. We are in a holding pattern right now, moving some money and stuff around and waiting on those things to go through.  After the first of next year, we will be on the hunt for our ideal RV.  We know what we want, Open Range 308 or 310 bunkhouse.  We need to find a good used one.  We’re expecting a road trip to get what we want!  We have a track record of finding exactly what we want and traveling, we went to Indiana to buy my Firebird in 2002, midwest Kansas to buy the Grand Waggoneer in 2003, Nebraska to buy our Explorer in 2005,  Chicago to buy our Excursion in 2010, central Iowa for the Bonneville in 2012.  Finally bought our lovely Mazda6 in Columbia in 2016!  And my Jeep nearby in St. Louis last Halloween.  So, we’re used to traveling to buy what we want.  Once we have the RV back here we’ll start moving in and trying it out and that’s when I expect things to shift into “move out” mode.  Then it will be more real and I can see us making faster progress with everything.

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