Cold feet and statistics

I’ve been researching so many travel trailer manufacturers, looking at construction and quality and my brain is over-loaded.  We have so many things to consider.  Going full-time, we are looking at the best quality we can afford.  The specs are overwhelming.  Yikes!  What do we need??

Katelyn.  How can we possibly give her the education and socialization she needs if we are full-time RVing and planning to boondock most of the time?  I’m looking at solid curriculum for math and reading and not that worried about the rest, for now.  She is already socially gifted.  I think she gets that from my dad.  He never knew a stranger and she doesn’t either!!  But she is only five so I feel a fierce need to protect her and monitor any interactions she has with adults.  I worry about her not making close friends she will see and interact with over a long period of time.  That said, I moved twice when I was young and it was difficult. I have very few friends I’ve maintained since elementary school.   There is something to be said for making friends and moving on and some of my best friends now are long-distance ones we maybe see once a year.  It’s on my mind though.  I want Katelyn to have meaningful relationships with other kids.

What happens if we get on the road and hate it?  How do we go back?  That’s pretty simple.  We just settle down somewhere.  Easier said than done but we’d be in the prime situation to do it.  Where??  Every place we love we can’t really afford right now.  Part of the draw for RV living.  Besides the fact we don’t want to live in an apartment and we love our space.  But we hate the property maintenance and upkeep.  And I love the freedom traveling will give us.  I’ve said many times I’d be happy living in a tent on the beach.  That isn’t exactly accurate though, I wouldn’t like that long-term.  But an RV is the happy medium between the traditional “sticks and bricks” house and tent living.

Cold feet?  I think we’re insane to consider this. Have I mentioned our two huge dogs we will be bringing along??  What are we doing?  But I get tears in my eyes when we leave the west to drive home after vacation.  I get tears when I think about leaving here, in our RV, to explore the great wide open.  I get tears thinking about how fast my daughter is growing up, mostly with me not being present because I’m working.  I spend painfully little time with her.  At the same time, I don’t think I would be happy being a stay at home mom.  I crave more than that.  I would probably go insane doing that.  But travel schooling, I could do that.  I very deeply believe this is the path we need to take, all things considered.   It feels  kind of like we are going to jump off a bridge!  But it also feels like the right thing for us. This is so US.  Travel and adventure.  I’m looking forward to getting on the road.

One thought on “Cold feet and statistics

  1. This is a big change and there is lots to consider. I know there are several online curriculums that have good reputations. I don’t think very many people have elementary school friends into adulthood. Children who have military parents move all the time. You are going to be providing all kinds of experiences for Katelyn.


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