Life is all about changes

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride this week at the Reid house.  We had to say goodbye to Rosy, our 32 year old horse on Wednesday.  I’ve had her since she was 5 and I was 11, so it was a sad day.  She held her own through the winter but has been increasingly sore from severe arthritis the last few weeks.  Despite daily medication, she was getting worse and earlier this week she was barely walking.  It was a really hard decision to make but we had the vet out and she agreed there were a lot of issues (severe arthritis, worn teeth, a significant heart murmur, a tumor) and she was at the point her quality of life wasn’t what I wanted her to have.  It’s the hardest decision a horse owner (or any pet owner) has to make.  I’ve been dreading having to make the decision for awhile now, and I can honestly say that the anxiety leading up to it making arrangements for burial and getting through the whole process with the vet are the worst parts.  I’m still sad but I feel relieved she isn’t hurting anymore, I’m not worrying about her anymore or going through the process of trying to make the hard decision and second-guessing myself. I’m definitely more at peace than I felt a week ago.

The other big (thankfully very good) thing that happened this week: a huge piece of the plan for Launch 2019 finally fell into place. Bryan accepted a full-time job with the company he’s been working for doing PRN ambulatory EEG setups. His new position is 100% working from home or wherever he has internet access and it comes with a decent pay raise. He now has a job that can be mobile! He’s been at his current job for over 6 years.  He’s excited about the change but I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet that this is happening!  We’ve already been researching ways to stay connected while we are out and about on our journey.  We have plenty of options but the plan most people go with is a good signal booster for the RV and a mobile wireless internet plan.  Internet access will probably be one of the few expenses that we’ll see increase rather than decrease while we’re on the road.  It’s one of the many things we will be learning about.

I’ve been brainstorming about my plans as well and have a few ideas.  Jewelry and photography are high on my list.  I’ll also be doing most of Katelyn’s road schooling. And any routine stuff like grocery shopping and meal prep and laundry.  Bryan will be working remotely so I’ll take care of most of the daily chores.  Our goal is to have flexibility to enjoy things as a family, while  Bryan still needs to put in work time.  We are so much loving this plan.  We have no illusions, it will be hard in many ways. But it will also be great!  

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